All your movies and tv show's
Your movies and tv shows are matched with The Movie Database
Manage files from the dashboard
Control subtitles and binch watch sessions.
Create random playlists and keep track of where you left of.
Netflix inspired design.
The video player is designed to give you the comforts of Netflix.
Utilizes VideoJS.
The world's most popular open source HTML5 player framework.
Automatic playback and resume
Every NoMercy Player wil synchronize with your server and resume playback.
Those lovely binch watch sessions...
Watch a whole TV Show without interruptions or create a random playlist of what you want to "binge watch" and keep track of where you left of
Rip and pre-encode files.
This encoder is designed to encode your files BEFORE you want to play them.
100% control.
You have full control over video quality and size.