Mamotte Shugogetten


Mamotte Shugogetten is a Japanese anime which first aired on Oct.
This anime is about a teenage boy who's called Shichiri Tasuke.
His family is away for most of the time; therefore, he lives alone.
His father is an explorer who is escavating China.
During his explorations he found an ancient ring called a "shitenrin".
Legend has it that if a person of a pure heart looks into the ring, he will be blessed with a guardian from heaven.
Tasuke was able to release the goddess living in the shitenrin.
Her name is Shugogetten Shaolin and has been locked in the ring for 4000 years.
Because of her isolation for so long she does not understand the things happening around her.
This ironically causes Tasuke more trouble than Shaolin protecting him.
Shaolin calls forth the help of small spirits called "hoshigami".
The next day Tasuke receives another artifact.
This time it was a wand, which he found in the same area as the shitenrin.
While examining the wand a goddess named Keikounitten Ruu